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Solid Waste Management

Staff serves as the Designated Planning Agency (DPA) for solid waste management in Saginaw County, as required by Michigan law.

Saginaw County completed a Solid Waste Management Plan Update that was approved by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality in 2001. The plan presents an integrated strategy for managing Saginaw County's solid waste, including reducing the amount of waste that we generate, increasing the recovery of valuable materials from the waste stream through recycling and composting, and maintaining adequate landfill space to meet our needs well into the future.

The County Solid Waste Plan also calls for the continuation of an oversight committee to insure that the goals and objectives of the plan are followed. The DPA provides staff support to the County Solid Waste Management Planning Committee. The duties of this committee include the following:

  • Review the County Solid Waste Plan annually and update it as necessary.
  • Hold quarterly meetings.
  • Review any import/export applications from non-contiguous counties.
  • Act as the Site Review Committee if new construction or expansion applications are submitted.
  • Monitor the performance of continued planning activities.
  • Solicit and review proposals from eligible applicants for educational activities funding.
  • Recommend an annual solid waste budget to the County Board of Commissioners for adoption.